Adventurous journey at sea

With cultural activities

Turn your sailing trip on the Wadden Sea or the ‘IJsselmeer’ lake into a unique experience. Combine an adventurous trip at sea with cultural activities.
Immerse yourself in beautiful stories in the middle of the Wadden Sea, follow the sparkling illuminations on Terschelling Island during ‘Fjoertoer’ (a magical evening tour featuring original sound and light effects and special acts along the way) or enjoy performances during ‘Oerol’ (a cultural festival). Zonnewind Sailing Trips offers three packages in which sailing and art may be easily combined:

  • Oerol package, ask for this tour or send an email
  • Sailing & storytelling
  • Fjoertoer package

The Storytelling activity may also be booked separately with your sailing trip. Please indicate this when booking and we will arrange this for you. The stories are made possible by Op Verhaal and are told by Frank Belt from Harlingen. You can find more information about Frank at

The sea air makes you hungry

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