The team spirit that prevails in the office

will come in handy during sailing


The Aldebaran leaves the port of Harlingen and is ready for the sailing trip.

You see the Wadden Sea appearing in front of you. Together with your colleagues you hoist the mainsail under the direction of skipper Frank.
The wind starts to blow a little. The team spirit that prevails in the office comes in handy during sailing. Like an experienced crew you ensure that the Aldebaran sails flawlessly across the Shallows. This company outing on the Aldebaran is an unforgettable adventure for you and your colleagues.
During the sailing trip across the Wadden Sea, skipper Frank tells you about the various kinds of seals living here. Not only do the crew and skipper teach you the ropes of sailing, they also know a great deal about the Shallows.


Sailing is not the only thing that Zonnewind Sailing Trips offers you today.

Once you have arrived at Terschelling Island, it is time for a number of great activities such as a walk through the beautiful dunes, outdoor blokarting or power kiting on the beach; and to end the day, a delicious BBQ will be ready for you on board the ship. All these activities are good for teambuilding of your companies.

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