Your gaze wanders from the sail to the sea and

you see the lighthouse of Terschelling Island coming closer and closer.

Sailing trips for individual passengers and their prices

While the cool sea breeze blowing through your hair looms a sandbar in the distance. Water is chatting softly against the bow of the Passat and you feel the salty smell of the Wadden Sea in your lungs.

You have butterflies in your stomach when you see Terschelling come closer. After the Berenloop you can safely take a hot shower, the skipper tells. After the superb course on Terschelling you can enjoy the surging sea on the Passaat.

Sailing trips for Grouppackages from 20 p.

“Is it possible to make a sailing trip with the family?” of course, that is not a problem let the skipper know. “The clipper Aldebaran you can even sail along four islands, spend a night on the Wadden Sea and beaching on a sandbank.”

These trips are also for groups from 20 persons. The prices are include food and drinks, tourist tax, booking costs, final cleaning, bedding and towels.

Children up to and including the age of 12 pay half price
Young people from the age of 13-16 pay two-thirds of the price

Sailing Weekend 2019

Step in spring or summer on board for a fantastic sailing weekend heading for Vlieland Island or Terschelling Island.

Dates 2019

28.-30. June € 245
12.-14. July € 245
19.-21. July € 245
16.-18. August € 245
27.-29. September € 215
11.-13. October € 215
03.-05. April Fjoertoer € 229,50 + Startpermit € 27,50
10.-13. April Eastercruise € 319,50
17.-19. April Vuurtoeren Packagetour € 229,50
24.-26. april € 229,50

Summer Ramblingtrip for families

From 29. July- 4. August
From 5. August- 11. August
Step on board for a fantastic Family ramblingtrip for Vlieland Island, Texel Island, Ameland Island and Terschelling Island.
Just for ( grand-) parents and children.

Price €615/ €420/ €315 per person all-inclusive

Summer Ramblingtrip for adults

From 10.-16. August 2019
Step on board for a fantastic Family ramblingtrip for Vlieland Island, Texel Island, Ameland Island and Terschelling Island.

Price €615 per person all-inclusive

Fjoertoer Package 3-5 April 2020

Sailing, sleeping and eating
In 2020, the ALDEBARAN will sail to Terschelling Island taking people participating in FJOERTOER (a magical evening tour featuring original sound and light effects and special acts along the way). For the first 20 participants who register at Zonnewind Sailing Trips, Startingpermits for the Fjoertoer walk of €27.50 each will be available.

Price €229,50 per person all-inclusive + starting permit worth €27.50

Ramblingtrip for families

From April 26 – May 1 2020
Step on board for a fantastic ramblingtrip for Vlieland Island, Texel Island, Ameland Island or Terschelling Island. Just for parents and children.

Price €481,50/€ 240,75 per person all-inclusive

The three clippers

All packages listed together:

3 rugged clippers lie waiting for you

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