From the homeport in Harlingen, the experienced crew leads you through an extensive sailing area, from the IJsselmeer Lake all the way to the Eastern Shallows. Harlingen is the ideal starting point for sailing on the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Islands may be visited even during short trips. The IJsselmeer Lake too, is only an hour’s sailing journey from Harlingen.

The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea stretches from Den Helder to the Ems River. The western area has deep, broad shipping channels. The clippers are eminently suitable for deep waters and you can sail endlessly there. The eastern part of the Wadden Sea has smaller shipping channels and many sandbanks. All the Wadden Islands have harbours with mooring options for the clippers.

The IJsselmeer Lake

The IJsselmeer Lake may be reached on the clippers via the lock at Kornwerderzand, a settlement on the Afsluitdijk, a major dam in the Netherlands that links Friesland with North Holland. The IJsselmeer Lake is 80 kilometres long and 25 kilometres wide, so it forms a large sailing area. Formerly known as Zuiderzee [Southern Sea], it boasts many harbour towns each with its own unique character. They are certainly worth a visit.

Package sailing trip

Both sailing areas may be visited during a sailing trip of a week (or during a mid-week break). You can set any destination in consultation with the crew.