What will you bring?

Where can I buy the groceries?


Within a short time you will be boarding one of the clippers Aldebaran or Passaat for a sailing trip. The crew wishes you a welcome on board.

Life on board

Life on board will be exiting and nonetheless one will have a relaxing time on the deck or help out in the galley, the other will help out sailing the vessel. Everything is possible. This letter will give you information about your trip on board the ship, and also gives you hints on the preparation, also it will give an initial introduction on sailing on a two mast Clipper. Make sure you check the boarding time which is stated in the contract. The crew will still be busy doing work on the ship when you arrive on board.


Its possible to contact our office for all questions and remarks.
Office Zonnewind Sailingtrips
Natalja Piebenga t. 0031 6 1027 0078

You can reach the ships through mobile number
Captain Frank Fischer t. 0031 6 2040 1759
Captain Joris van Zoest t. 0031 6 1525 6027


The  sailingships are completely certified by the dutch shipping inspection. After you have boarded you will be instructed by the crew. When you are boarding the ship, be sure you are safe at all times, make sure you walk safely on the decks, and alway have one hand free for holding on to the ship. Be sure to oblige all instructions from the crew.
In you cabin there is a safety plan where all emergency exits are listed, make sure you know them by heart. Insurance Our ship is fully insured, and the crew is 3rd party insured for our passengers.

The crew

The crew will be the captain and the first mate, the first mate is a captain to become who will be doing his work experience on board our ship. He will need this later when he wants get his sailing licence. Of course the crew is always there if they are needed in any way, you should know that the crew is also responsible for the sailing and safety and this of course will have priority. We hope you have understanding for that


Its advised to bring you luggage in a soft bags, suitcases are harder to stow underneath the beds.

The cabins

The Aldebaran has 9 cabins and the Passaat has 10 cabins, the cabins have both cold and hot water running from the tap. Central heating is throughout the whole ship and in the cabins, the Aldebaran has underfloor heating in the cabins.
There is storage for bags, and there are wall hooks for clothes. All cabins have their own portholes or windows ( Aldebaran), which have to be kept closed when sailing. In every cabin there is a 220V power plug which can be used for charging batteries and other small low powered gear.
Be sure to inform the crew when you want to use a hairdryer or other high power machinery. The generator can be started for those instances.

The Galley

You will be able to cook on board in the galley which is fully equipped. There is a 6 burner gas stove with electrical starters, a 70 litre oven, heated cabinet, and a coffee machine 2 litre (fitting filters are standard on board).  A fridge with 425 litre and 80 litre for drinks. We would like to ask you not to eat food in the cabins.
The Aldebaran has a dishwasher.


In the ship Passaat the toilets and showers are located in the middle of the ship. Each cabin of the Aldebaran has its own sanitary unit. They are for communal use. To ensure that the wastewater pump and pluming keep clear from any debris, we ask you to no put any sanitary towels tampons or any other foreign objects in the toilets. There are waste bins located in the toilets. Our toilets have economic flush system, please be sure you use that. Make sure you don’t waste precious drinking water and be resourceful with electricity.




Cleaning the ship

The ship has to be swept clean at the end of the voyage, the complete cleaning is paid for in the rental price


Smoking is prohibited throughout the whole ship. On deck you can smoke, but make sure cigarette filters are disposed in the ashtrays provided on deck. When there is rain, a shelter can be made so people can smoke in the dry.


Seasickness is very rare, the Waddensea is a sheltered sea, sandbanks prevent waves to build. The IJsselmeer is also not a very rough lake. The ships are very stable and thus not very affected by the waves. Good night rest and eating sufficiently can help you not getting seasick.


Children are welcome on board, children’s lifesaving appliances are on board for all ages of children. To make sure that all sizes are available in case there a lot of children, please call our office and tell us how many children with what weight. So we can make sure there are enough saving appliances. For babies its advisable to bring a cradle so the baby can sleep next to the parents in a cabin. For toddlers there are planks which can convert the normal berths can be made child save.

Bedding and towels

On the ships the beds are made with under blankets, pillowcases, duvets and covers. Only the midweeks you have to take your own sleepingbag on the Aldebaran. On request you can order for a duvet for 12 € . Dishcloths have to be brought by yourself. Its possible to rent a towel set, for 7 € you will get 2 towels and 2 washing cloths.

Times of business for supermarkets

Mo.-Sun. from 0800 AM till 0900 PM
Supermarkets in Harlingen
Online orders can be placed directly at supermarket Plus, groceries will be delivered on board.
Make online orders at baker Elsinga? The baker delivers sandwiches on board at 8 am in Harlingen

What to bring

For walking on deck you should sport shoes or comfortable walking shoes. High heels are not done on a ship. For rainy days wellies are suitable. Take warm clothes, a cap, sunglasses and suncream. On the water it’s always colder then a shore.


You can drive the car up to the ship for loading and unloading, after which the car must be parked in a parking lot: Westerzeedijk 8862 RK.

A second option is to park in the long-term car park P1.
The address of the Harlingen P1 car park:
Skieppedykje 1
8872 NA Midlum

Harlingen P1 open:
Monday from 7am to 8.30pm
Tuesday to Sunday from 07:15 to 20:30
€ 7.00 per calendar day

Shuttle service from P1. € 1.50 per person

4 charging points are available for electric cars.

Can I book a reservation ?
No, it is not possible to reserve a parking space P1. There is enough space to park your car.


Orderlist for shopping service

Ordering for catering or selfcatering?