Fjoertoer eveningwalk

+ Starting permit

Sail aboard the Passaat to Terschelling.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery on the island during ‘Fjoertoer’ (a magical evening tour featuring original sound and light effects and special acts along the way) on 26 March 2022

You will take a walk through the woods, the dunes, the polders and across the beach of course. Allow the beacons of fire made by artists on the island to guide you in the right direction in the dark of the night.
On board the Passaat, you will have a comfortable cabin where you can enjoy a lovely rest after the walk.

The Fjoertoer package + Starting permit from 25. -27. March 2022

Step aboard the Passaat in Harlingen on Friday 25 March at 9 p.m. You will spend Friday night on board the ship in Willemshaven harbour. On Saturday morning, you will head for Terschelling Island after breakfast, where the ship will moor in the course of the afternoon. You can pick up a starter bag at the harbour after 3.30 p.m., from the hall of the Betonning.
In the evening, you can take a Fjoertoer walk of 15, 20 or 25 kilometres. The start will be in the village of Midsland, where the bus will take you for free. You will finish at Brandaris lighthouse. On Sunday after breakfast, the clipper will sail back to Willemshaven harbour in Harlingen. On the Fjoertoer website, you will find specific information about the walk.

Sleeping quarters

You will spend the night in a 2-person or 4-person cabin. Bedding and towels are included.


Full catering is provided in the Fjoertoer package. On Friday evening, there will be coffee or soft drinks and cake for you. On Saturday morning, you will enjoy a full breakfast before departure.
During the trip, the cook will prepare a ‘mash pot’ (Dutch: ‘Stamppot’, a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several other vegetables, sometimes also with bacon) on board the ship, and you will be given a packed lunch for the walk. On Sunday, you will be provided with breakfast, lunch and coffee and tea.

Arrival and departure

You are welcome aboard the Aldebaran on the evening of Friday 25 March 2022 from 9 p.m. The ship will moor in Harlingen in the course of Sunday afternoon on 27 March.

Price Fjoertoer

The cost of the Fjoertoer package amounts to €252,50 per person.
You pay a surcharge of € 40 for 1 person ( own cabin)
For the first 20 participants, Zonnewind Sailing Trips makes starting permits available for Fjoertoer, which cost €27,95 each.
Please indicate the distance you want to walk when booking: 16, 21 or 26 km.


Easy and cheap parking is available at Westerzeedijk 8862 RX in Harlingen, at €7 a day.

Second parkingplace is P1- Midlum
Reservation is not possible ( 1600 places)

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