Cooking on board

of the clipper.

Zonnewind Shopping service

If you prefer to do your own cooking on board the clipper, then this is also possible of course. Please ensure you choose enough menus from the purchasing menu list for the number of days you will be on board. Furthermore, shopping will also be done for these days for breakfast, lunch and snacks. We ensure the shopping will be ready for you on board the ship in time.

Prices per person

The Zonnewind purchasing service costs €55 per person per weekend. Each extra day costs €20 per person. This price includes all shopping including drinks

Zonnewind Purchasing Service

Includes ingredients for breakfast, coffe and tea, lunch with soup, tea with biscuits and chocolates and a two course dinner.
You choose a day for dinner: main course, side dish and dessert menu as a group, the preparation will be sent to you.

Main dish

O Endive stew with shwarma strips and apricots
O Friese kale with sausage
O Mince dish with basmati rice
O Chicken in coconut curry sauce
O Lasagne with turkey and leek
O Mexican rice dish
O Creamy potato mince dish
O Tagliatelle alla Bolognese
O Tikka masala with turkey
O Pork cutlets in spicy marsala sauce
O Sauerkraut with pork and citrus fruit
O Dish with beets and chopped
O Salmon with potatoes and samphire

Side dish

O Marinated cucumber ribbons
O Greek salad with peppers
O Green salad with cashew nuts
O Italian marinated tomatoes
O Crispy rocket salad
O Cabbage lettuce with egg dressing
O Spring Salad
O Moroccan tomato salad
O Arugula Salad


O Strawberry Sorbet
O Applewalnut ice cream
O Banana Dessert
O Chipolata Pudding
O Cheesefruit shelf
O Kletskop Turrets with sorbet
O Cottage cheese with mango and nuts
O Orange top
O Tropical cottage cheese
O Tropical custard with cruesli
O Summer Fruit Salad with Greek yogurt and nuts
O Summer fruit yogurt
O Cranberries / vanilla ice cream and whipped cream