Summer Rambling Trip

for Adults


Step on board and go on a rambling trip across the Wadden Sea.

2021 are the Rambling Trips for adults
Book a cabin and enjoy the experience.

Due to RIVM-regulations, a limited number of cabins are available.
If you come alone, a private cabin is required. If you come with 2 persons who together form a household, a 2 person cabin or a 4 person cabin is available.

The Sailingship will sail across the Shallows, stopping at Texel Island, Terschelling Island, the Vlieland Island and/ or Ameland Island. Explore the islands and experience what it is like to dry out on the Shallows.

The trip

On the first day you are more than welcome on board the ship from 10 a.m. An hour later the ship will leave the harbour and head for one of the Wadden Islands. You will ramble across the Shallows for a few days and enjoy the beautiful islands. On the last day you will moor at Harlingen around 3 p.m.

Sleeping quarters

You may choose a 2-person or 4-person-cabin. Bedding and towel sets are provided in the cabins.


Full catering is included for the sailing week. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. On the day of departure you will not have breakfast. There is also unlimited access to coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juice, beer and wine. Of course, the cook will take into account your diets.

Dates 2021

ALDEBARAN: Saterday 29. May 10 a.m.- Friday 4. June – 3 p.m.

From the first day at 10 a.m. you are more than welcome on board the ship in Willemshaven harbour in Harlingen. The ship will leave at 11 a.m. The ship will moor in Harlingen at 3 p.m. on the last day of the trip.
Do you live a long way away or are you not an early riser?
It is possible to sleep on board the clipper the night before departure. The overnight stay including breakfast costs €30 per person. In this case, you are welcome on board the ship on 9 p.m.

Price Passaat

The cost for the rambling sailing week is from €680 per person.
Additional costs for a private cabin are €140

1 person in 2-person-cabin € 820
2 persons in 2-person-cabin € 1360

2 persons in 4-person-cabin € 1640
3 persons in 4-person-cabin € 1900
4 persons in 4 person-cabin € 2440

Price Aldebaran

Each cabin has toilet und shower
The cost for the rambling sailing week is from €760 per person.
Additional costs for a private cabin are €140

1 person in 2-person-cabin € 900
2 persons in 2-person-cabin € 1520

2 persons in 4-person-cabin € 1800
3 persons in 4-person-cabin € 2280
4 persons in 4 person-cabin € 2900


At the Willemshaven in Harlingen you can park easily and cheaply at a rate of € 7 per day. The BDS Westerzeedijk car park is being sold, if there is clarity about it, I will put the details for reserving a parking space on the website.

A second option is to park in the long-term car park P1.
The address of the Harlingen P1 car park:
Skieppedykje 1
8872 NA Midlum

Harlingen P1 open:
Monday from 7am to 8.30pm
Tuesday to Sunday from 07:15 to 20:30
€ 7.00 per calendar day

Shuttle service from P1. € 1.50 per person

4 charging points are available for electric cars.

Can I book a reservation ?
No, it is not possible to reserve a parking space P1. There is enough space to park your car.


For a grouppackage of min. 20 p.

Also on rambling trip??