Boat, Bed & Breakfast in Groningen

Accommodation for groups in winter.

Sleeping on board a clipper is a unique experience! Together with your partner, friends or family you will experience how cozy it is to sleep in a hotel on the water. In the comfortable cabins is great to relax and you will experience the real sailor feeling.
You can book a single night or a wonderful weekend.
Go exploring during the day the lively city of Groningen. On board there are plenty of opportunities for relaxation, entertainment and preparing tasty dishes.

Looking for a property that you will always remember? Check out the possibilities and book today your stay or weekend away!

It is possible to reserve Boat, Bed & Breakfast for two or four people. The fare is € 55,00 p.p.p.n.


The Passaat will be available from mid-November to late March in Groningen.
The hotel accommodation can accommodate a group of up to 24 people.

The Aldebaran is from mid November to late March in Groningen.
This hotel property can accommodate a group of up to 28 people.
Please ask for the fares

self-catering or catering?

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