The history of the Poseidon

beginns in the year of 1903

The Poseidon

The clipper Poseidon was built in the year of 1903 at the Duyvendijk shipyard in Papendrecht as the Zuid-Holland (South Holland), the name given to all the ships of the Swets family.
The ship was handed down from father to son and spent half a century transporting building materials round the waters of Zealand purely on wind power.
She also made regular trips to Germany to load coal and stone, and later on sugar.

In the inland navigation

In 1956 the ship was refurbished as motorship and continued to carry freight until 1997 when the Rotterdam Beurs which distributed freight amongst the Dutch inshore fleet closed down resulting in increased competition.
A ship of 260 tonnes was no longer economically viable and she was put up for sale.
The last skipper Theo Swets found a job on shore.


After a year spent renovating the ship, she was restored to her former glory as a sailing vessel.
The Poseidon, appropriately renamed after the god of the sea.

From 2018 Alida Beekhuizen en Nico Goeres are the new owners of the Poseidon.

Rig plan

The Poseidon has a practical rigging of mainsail, mizzen, foresail and 2 jibs. (sail between the main mast and the mizzen mast.).


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