Fantastic sailing trip

heading for Terschelling Island,

Berenloop 2020 has been canceled due to corona

Make yourself as comfortable as possible during the Berenloop marathon on Terschelling Island!!

31. October and 1. November 2020

A warm shower, a lovely dinner and a comfortable bed await you on board the Passaat, the Aldebaran or the Poseidon. Combine a fantastic sailing trip with the Berenloop marathon.

The trip

You are welcome aboard the ship on Saturday from 9 a.m. You will receive a warm welcome with coffee/tea and cake. The ship will then embark on a beautiful sailing trip towards Terschelling Island, where you will moor in the course of the afternoon. You may then disembark to enjoy the island, or you can stay on board, where it is nice and warm. On Sunday, there will be breakfast on board, and then it will be time to start the Berenloop marathon. After the Berenloop marathon, the ship will depart for the return trip to Harlingen.

Sleeping quarters

We offer you a place to sleep in a 2-person or 4-person cabin. Bedding and towels will be ready for you.


The Berenloop package includes full catering. On Saturday morning, you will be provided with coffee and cake. In the afternoon, you can enjoy a lunch on board. In the evening, dinner will be served by the ship’s cook. On Sunday, you will be provided with a hearty breakfast and a lunch package to take with you to the Berenloop marathon. In the evening, when the Berenloop marathon is finished, a ‘mash pot’ (Dutch: ‘Stamppot’, a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several other vegetables, sometimes also with bacon) will be ready for you on board. You will be provided with coffee, tea, mineral water, soft drinks, beer and wine on all days.

Arrival and departure

You are welcome aboard on Saturday morning from 9 a.m. The ship will depart for Terschelling Island at 10 a.m. On Sunday evening, after the Berenloop marathon, the ship will depart for the return trip to Harlingen where you will moor in the evening by 10 p.m.


The price of the Berenloop package is €199,50 per person. If you would you prefer to embark the evening before so you can take it easy, this is an option. On Friday  you are welcome aboard from 9 p.m. The extra night including breakfast costs €30 per person.


You can park easily and inexpensively at Willemshaven harbour in Harlingen, in the BDS parking area at Westerzeedijk for €7 a day. Reservations can be made via or on telephone number +31/(0)6/23372947.

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