Great achievements Brandarisrace 2017 of the Zonnewind fleet

Good performance...

must be celebrated!

Fantastic performance during the Brandaris race 2017!

About 70 ships filled Harlingen harbor and wait for the starting signal for the great Brandarisrace (Lighthouse regatta). There are small and large ships involved in the competition and therefore there are several classes.
The beauty of it is that there is a winner in every class, making it a fair contest. It’s a great sight to watch all ships battle for first place.

What is the Brandaris race 2017?

The idea for the Kuiper Brandarisrace was born in 1994. The Terschelling lighthouse (Brandaris) had its 400th anniversary at that time and that should be worthily celebrated with an event. Thus the Brandaris race has developed, with 50 ships at the time. In the meanwhile, there are 70 ships involved, and this is also the maximum number of participants.The race means that the ships sail as far as possible from Harlingen to Terschelling.

The Clippers of Zonnewind in the top 7

In the category “big clippers” 30 ships were at the start, so the competition was correspondingly large. The wind and the tides played well, so it was time to give it all! The Aldebaran proved her skills and was rewarded with the 2nd place. But the Passaat also performed excellent and earned the 3rd prize. The Poseidon was also seen from their best side and landed in 7th place. What a great achievement of our clippers!

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